My Life as a Geek

"Nice pectoral muscles you got there.""…What do you want, Stiles."

"Nice pectoral muscles you got there."
"…What do you want, Stiles."


Steve and Tony in Infinity

i could never have imagined loving anyone like i love you. it’s impossible.

Final Fantasy XII


Hahaha priceless


I know I post a lot about Lindsey Stirling, but if you haven’t heard of Taylor Davis, you should check her out, too. She does a lot of video game music covers on her violin, sometimes with fantastic orchestral backtracks. I’ve been following her almost as long as I have been following Lindsey, and she is consistently good.

These GIFs are from her latest video, “Song of Time and Song of Storms (Zelda OoT) Violin - Taylor Davis”. If you’re fan of the music from The Legend of Zelda, go have a look!



I finally finished it!